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Health Effects of Radiation

Basic Knowledge on Radiation

7.Health Effects of Radiation

Does exposure to radiation affect my health?

Does exposure to radiation affect my health?


Let me explain.

Approximate Dose of Exposure with Health Effects

When exposed to the same dose of radiation, whole-body exposure has a greater effect on the body than partial exposure.

Symptoms of whole-body exposure to a large dose of radiation all at once


So the degree of effect depends on the amount of radiation received and whether it is the whole body or localized to one part.


Yes, it does.
Next we will discuss the relationship between radiation and cancer.

Here's the point!

The effects on health vary depending on the dose of exposure. In order to reduce exposure doses as much as possible in daily life, dose limits are set by law: 50 mSv or less per year for those who deal with radiation as a profession, 100 mSv or less per 5 years, and 1 mSv or less per year for the general public.